Getting Started Guide


Thank you for your interest in The site offers all WIC State agencies (SAs) a place to market procurement solicitations and connect with a more diverse vendor community. We encourage you to spend some time on the site and get familiar with the solicitation submission process and additional site features. If you have any questions, please email

A. Web Registration
and Publishing Procedures is an online marketing tool where approved SA procurements and links to solicitations can be promoted to a national vendor base. To access the site features, SAs should designate an employee to register as a State agency Publisher. State agency Publishers can:

  • Receive email alerts about newly published solicitations.
  • Submit, edit, and request procurements and links to solicitations published on
  • Approve or deny source code requests from Registered Vendors for specific solicitations. (Note: Details described in Section F.)

Please follow the steps below to get started.

B. Register for a State agency Publisher Account

1. Select the LOG IN / REGISTER button in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage at

Login / Register

2. Select the Create New Account tab.

Create new account

3. Select State agency Publisher and, when prompted, include the following required information: Company, Region, State, and valid email address.

Create new account

4. Select Create a New Account. The request for a State agency Publisher account will be submitted, verified, and approved by FNS. This usually occurs within 1-2 business days. An email notification will be sent when the account has been activated. Once the account is established, the State agency Publisher may begin the process to submit procurement solicitations on


C. Submit Solicitation/RFP/RFQ/RFI Information for Approval

1. Log in as a State agency Publisher by going to and navigating to the LOG IN / REGISTER button at the top right corner of the page.

Login / Register

2. Enter the designated User Name and Password to log in as State agency Publisher.
3. Select Add a New Solicitation.

Add Solicitation

4. Complete the Create Solicitation form and include the required information:
 • Solicitation Name
 • Solicitation Type (e.g., RFP, RFI)
 • Solicitation Number
 • Description (2-3 brief paragraphs describing the procurement, the tasks required, and a statement identifying the issuing organization)
 • Procurement Type (e.g., Full and Open Competition, Single Award IDIQ)
 • Procurement Subject
 • Contract Type (e.g., Firm Fixed Price)
 • NAICS Codes
 • Region
 • State
 • Indicate if a bidder’s conference is planned (Y/N)
 • Release Date
 • Close Date
 • Projected Award Date
 • Point of Contact (Name, Title, E-Mail address); Web URL/Link to RFP

Create Solicitation


5. When the form is complete and ready to submit for FNS review and approval to publish:
 a. Select Send to FNS under Moderation Status.
 b. Solicitation Type (e.g., RFP, RFI)

Login / Register

6. Your request will be submitted and verified by FNS. This usually occurs within 1-2 business days. Once approved, it will be published on If there are outstanding questions prior to posting a procurement, an email will be sent from requesting additional information.

D. How to Save a Draft and Finish Later

There is an option to “Save a Draft” to complete at a later time.
 a. Select Current: Save Draft under Moderation Status.
 b. Click Save. This document will now be saved in Your Solicitation History and can be found under the State agency Publisher account Dashboard.

Save Draft

E. How to Edit a Previously Saved Solicitation Draft

1. Log in as State agency Publisher and select the Dashboard link in top-left navigation bar.


2. Scroll down until Your Solicitation History is viewable. Click on VIEW next to the submission.

Solicitation History

3. There will be an option to modify the solicitation with any required edits.

Solicitation Moderation

a. Select the edit tab to be redirected to the solicitation details.
b. Once updates are complete, the Solicitation Overview view will offer the option to change the status to Send to FNS. Then click Save. Once status is changed to Send to FNS and saved, it will be submitted to FNS for review and approval. This usually occurs within 1-2 business days. Once approved, it will be published and accessible at
4. Log in as State agency Publisher and select dashboard once more or scroll down to see the status of Your Solicitation History which will display the approved solicitation.

Solicitation Status

F. Providing an Option for Source Code Access

1. SAs may choose to provide Registered Vendors an option to download source code related to their MIS Transfer and Implementation procurements. The following steps outline what a State agency Publish must complete in order to provide access to source code:
a. Prior to drafting a solicitation request to post on, a SA representative (i.e. State agency Publisher account holder) will need to contact FNS and discuss the option to provide vendors registered with access to source code related to a selected solicitation.
b. Once the option to make source code available is determined, the State agency Publisher may create a new solicitation following the process outlined in Section C.
c. FNS will review the request to publish the SA solicitation. As part of the review, FNS will have an option to confirm source code availability for the selected solicitation by selecting the required checkbox.
d. When the solicitation is published, an email will be sent to registrants indicating a new solicitation is available. The State agency Publisher may log in to and select “View” related to the specific solicitation.
e. The State agency Publisher’s Solicitation Overview will display that source code is available for download.

Source Code Download

f. Under the solicitation, there will be additional description about the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) requirements once a Registered Vendor makes a request for source code.

Source Code NDA

2. When source code is made available for a selected solicitation, Registered Vendors can navigate to Solicitations and select View for additional details.

Source Code - View NDA

3. Registered Vendors will have an option to select Request Source Code.

Request Source Code

4. An email generated from is sent to the State agency Publisher associated with the solicitation with instructions to obtain a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Registered Vendor prior to releasing source code. These steps are not automated through and will require offline communication between the SA and Registered Vendor.

Source Code Request Email

5. The State agency Publisher should log into and select dashboard in the top navigation panel. A display will show where the source code request can either be approved or denied.

Source Code Approval

6. When “approve” is selected, there will be a pop-up to reconfirm a signed NDA has been received by the SA from the Registered Vendor.

Source Code Confirmation

7. The Registered Vendor will receive an email notification of the approval. They can then log in to and will see the request for source code has been approved by the State agency Publisher.

Source Code Request History

8. The Registered Vendor can click on the solicitation title and be redirected to a page with the download option.

Source Code Overview