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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
Wyoming WIC RFP for EBT Processing Reprocurement
Solicitation No. RFP 0348-E
Open 06/15/2020 view
Colorado/Iowa/Nebraska eWIC EBT System/Processing Reprocurement
Solicitation No. RFP 2020000071
Open 06/09/2020 view
WSEA Joint SNAP & WIC EBT Planning Consultant RFP
Solicitation No. 2020000160
Closed 03/16/2020 view
Solicitation No. 190000001593
Closed 03/11/2020 view
HANDS Management, Operations and Maintenance RFP
Solicitation No. BPM002103
Closed 03/05/2020 view
KY WIC Modernization Technical Writing
Solicitation No. RFP 728 1900000168
Closed 02/03/2020 view
NATIONS eWIC Quality Assurance Services
Solicitation No. SRST-eWIC-NATIONS-QA 01
Closed 01/16/2020 view
T3091 - New Jersey Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) for Women Infants and Children (WIC)
Solicitation No. 20DPP00420
Closed 01/03/2020 view
WIsconsin WIC Program Maintenance and Operation Services
Solicitation No. S-0712 DPH-20
Closed 10/25/2019 view