Use the links below to access new and updated opportunities on WIC Technology Partners.

Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
WIC MPUG Maintenance and Enhancements RFP
Solicitation No. RS21-81
Closed 05/25/2021 view
Multi-State Consortium, MIS Operations and Enhancement
Solicitation No. EVT0007887
Closed 05/14/2021 view
Northeast Coalition of States (NCS) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Request for Proposals (RFP)
Solicitation No. 102030
Closed 05/13/2021 view
Maryland and USVI eWIC Processing Services
Solicitation No. BPM022806
Closed 04/20/2021 view
MSC Vendor Management Enhancements Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. 21-02
Closed 03/17/2021 view
South Carolina WIC EBT Processor
Solicitation No. 5400019298
Closed 01/26/2021 view
GA WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation
Solicitation No. 40500- DPH0000168
Closed 12/22/2020 view