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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
Missouri RFP eWIC Implementation and Processing
Solicitation No. RFPT30034901800096
Open 11/30/2017 view
Nevada Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Cash Benefit System Project
Solicitation No. NV 3292
Open 11/21/2017 view
South Carolina DHEC MIS Services
Solicitation No. 5400013896
Open 11/02/2017 view
South Carolina DHEC WIC Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. 5400013839
Open 10/26/2017 view
Missouri eWIC Implementation Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. RFPT30034901701227-06
Open 09/26/2017 view
Illinois - WIC EBT - 102405
Solicitation No. ILWIC#22040998
Closed 09/22/2017 view
Rhode Island WIC Management Information System (MIS) Quality Assurance Project
Solicitation No. 7553518
Closed 09/08/2017 view
Rhode Island WIC Management Information System (MIS) Transfer and Implementation Project
Solicitation No. 7553502
Closed 09/06/2017 view
California - eWIC MIS RFP #31875
Solicitation No. RFP #31875
Closed 08/31/2017 view
Transfer and Implementation (T&I) Services Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Services Puerto Rico WIC Information Systems
Solicitation No. DS-2017-08D
Closed 08/14/2017 view
Re-Open: Mississippi EBT RFP - Public Assistance Benefits and Services
Solicitation No. MS RFP 3884
Closed 08/09/2017 view
IL WIC MIS Modernization RFP
Solicitation No. 22040728
Closed 07/27/2017 view
Solicitation No. RFP 758 1700000283
Closed 07/17/2017 view
Illinois WIC Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. ILWIC#22040803
Closed 07/10/2017 view
South Dakota WIC-IT Case Managment System Maintenance and Enhancements Contractual Agreement
Solicitation No. RFP 17-0904004-005
Closed 06/30/2017 view
Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal for WIC Electronic Benefits (EBT) Implementation Quality Assurance Services
Solicitation No. 2017-001
Closed 05/19/2017 view
TN WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation RFP
Solicitation No. TN 34353-14617
Closed 05/01/2017 view
Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) On-Line Training Development
Solicitation No. 17-01
Closed 05/01/2017 view
e-WIC Services for Minnesota's Special Supplemental Program for Women, Infants and Children
Solicitation No. 2-6300
Closed 03/31/2017 view