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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
South Carolina WIC EBT Processor
Solicitation No. 5400019298
Open 01/26/2021 view
GA WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation
Solicitation No. 40500- DPH0000168
Open 12/22/2020 view
Northeast Coalition of States (NCS) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Request for Proposals (RFP)
Solicitation No. 102030
Open 12/17/2020 view
New Jersey WIC MIS Request for Information
Solicitation No. n/a
Closed 10/23/2020 view
DRAFT: GA WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation
Solicitation No. 40500- DPH0000183
Closed 09/04/2020 view
MI-WIC Information System Maintenance
Solicitation No. 200000000304
Closed 07/31/2020 view
New Mexico ITO RFP for Project Management: WIC EBT/MIS
Solicitation No. 62020
Closed 06/27/2020 view
Passamaquoddy Health Center: Women, Infants, and Children Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Project Management
Solicitation No. 2020-01
Closed 06/18/2020 view
Wyoming WIC RFP for EBT Processing Reprocurement
Solicitation No. RFP 0348-E
Closed 06/15/2020 view
Colorado/Iowa/Nebraska eWIC EBT System/Processing Reprocurement
Solicitation No. RFP 2020000071
Closed 06/09/2020 view
Delaware WIC EBT Processing Services
Solicitation No. HSS20-008
Closed 06/02/2020 view