Listed below are closed solicitations, previously listed as opportunities on WIC Technology Partners. For reference only.

Name of Solicitation Close Date
Minnesota WIC Electronic Benefit (EBT)/e-WIC Quality Assurance Project
Solicitation No. RFO 0153
01/09/2017 view
Tennssee Project Management Services RFP
Solicitation No. RFP # 34353-14917
01/06/2017 view
Tennessee WIC Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. 34353-14717
12/15/2016 view
MN WIC EBT(e-WIC) Project Manager
Solicitation No. RFO 0150
11/01/2016 view
Puerto Rico - Acquisition of WIC MIS and EBT Project Management Services (Revised)
Solicitation No. WIC-16-002
08/04/2016 view
Tennessee Solicitation for Joint WIC & SNAP EBT Services
Solicitation No. TN 34530-44616
07/05/2016 view
Virginia - Crossroads WIC Management Information Sys. (M&E) Services
Solicitation No. 707FF145
06/24/2016 view
Illinois WIC MIS Request for Information
Solicitation No. 22038664
06/10/2016 view
NYS WIC Transfer & Implementation Services RFP
Solicitation No. RFP # 16593
06/03/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC Acquisition of Project Quality Assurance Services
Solicitation No. WIC-16-001
04/08/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC EBT Services
Solicitation No. DS 2016-15 D
04/01/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC MIS Transfer and Implementation
Solicitation No. DS 2016-14 D
03/30/2016 view
South Carolina E-WIC Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. 5400009908
01/28/2016 view
WA WIC MIS Replacement
Solicitation No. N21336
11/20/2015 view
FNS Request For Information - EBT Services
Solicitation No. 2015-15336
10/24/2015 view
Pennsylvania WIC MIS Implementation Services
Solicitation No. 6100034439
09/10/2015 view
SD Acquisition of WIC EBT Program Specialist
Solicitation No. 15-0904004-003
05/01/2015 view
Maryland/US Virgin Islands eWIC Processor RFP
Solicitation No. MD/VI-EWIC-02182015
04/29/2015 view
Maintenance and Operation Services for Puerto Rico WIC MIS system
Solicitation No. DS-2015-16D
04/24/2015 view
Idaho RFP for WIC EBT Planning Services
Solicitation No. RFP15000421
04/20/2015 view
Arkansas WIC EBT Off-Line Module
Solicitation No. SP-14-0121
03/19/2015 view
SPIRIT RFI for Independent Verification and Validation Services
Solicitation No. SUG2015A
02/28/2015 view
MN WIC EBT Planning Project
Solicitation No. RFO 0025
01/30/2015 view
NATIONS WIC RFP for QA Contractor for WIC IS
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-QA2-2
01/05/2015 view
Colorado WIC - Quality Assurance Contractor for EBT Project
Solicitation No. FHLA2015000000000002
12/05/2014 view
NATIONS’ WIC RFP for Transfer & Implementation Vendor
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-2-1
12/05/2014 view
Rhode Island WIC MIS Hosting and Maintenance
Solicitation No. 7549117
12/04/2014 view
Maryland/US Virgin Islands RFP for WIC EBT QA Services
Solicitation No. MD/VI-WIC-10162014
12/04/2014 view
Solicitation No. 15-23
11/21/2014 view
Montana Solicitation for EBT Services for SNAP, TANF and WIC
Solicitation No. RFP15-2883P
11/14/2014 view
Delaware WIC EBT Implementation & Support Services Project
Solicitation No. HSS 14 040
11/05/2014 view
New Mexico ITO RFP for EBT Project Manager
Solicitation No. N/A
11/03/2014 view
ITCA (MSC) EBT Planning Contractor
Solicitation No. WIC 15-01
10/31/2014 view
Chickasaw Nation RFP for EBT Services
Solicitation No. CN0001
10/30/2014 view
WA WIC Cascades Project
Solicitation No. RFP N20686 Cascades Project
10/27/2014 view
NE WIC MIS/EBT QA Consultant
Solicitation No. 4743Z1
08/14/2014 view
Texas WIC WIN Evolution RFP
Solicitation No. 53700-15-0006
08/04/2014 view
Indiana WIC MIS
Solicitation No. RFP 14-95
05/27/2014 view
State of Utah - WIC Product Management Office
Solicitation No. #NS14023
04/15/2014 view
Maryland WIC Program - Web System Support
Solicitation No. CATS+ TORFP # M00B4400295
03/16/2014 view
Connecticut Women and Infant Children (WIC) Case Management System
Solicitation No. 13PSX0243
03/14/2014 view
MIS and EBT Project Management - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe WIC Program
Solicitation No. SRSTWIC NATIONS 2
03/14/2014 view
Arkansas WIC EBT Project Implementation Contractor
Solicitation No. DH-13-0001
03/07/2014 view
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Quality Assurance (QA) Consulting Services
Solicitation No. S-0264 DPH-14
02/14/2014 view
Colorado/Iowa WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer System
Solicitation No. SF-WIC141101-R
01/14/2014 view
Wisconsin Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Services
Solicitation No. N/A
12/03/2013 view
Wisconsin Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Services
Solicitation No. S-150- DPH-14
12/03/2013 view
Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal (RFP) for Consulting Services for WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Planning
Solicitation No. RFP 2013-007
08/14/2013 view
Montana SNAP, TANF (Cash), and WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer Services Project
Solicitation No. RFP13-2268P
04/11/2013 view
NJ WIC System - Web Based Electronic Data Processing System
Solicitation No. 13-X-22900
03/27/2013 view
SPIRIT Software Enhancement
Solicitation No. B2Z13011
02/20/2013 view
CPN WIC SPIRIT Transition Project
Solicitation No. N/A
12/04/2012 view
Solicitation No. N/A
09/05/2012 view
Oklahoma ITO EBT RFP—Planning Contractor
Solicitation No. WCDEBT-0001
07/02/2012 view
ND WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Planning Contract
Solicitation No. 3011102WICEBT
06/25/2012 view
SPIRIT Maintenance and Operations System
Solicitation No. WCD-12-RFP-0099
04/20/2012 view
MOWINS Level 2 Help Desk Support
Solicitation No. RFP-B2Z12017
03/15/2012 view