Listed below are closed solicitations, previously listed as opportunities on WIC Technology Partners. For reference only.

Name of Solicitation Status Close Date
Utah eWIC Smart Card EBT
Solicitation No. RS19027
Archived 04/09/2019 view
Utah WIC Smart Card Quality Assurance Services - - RS190199
Solicitation No. RS190199
Archived 03/12/2019 view
Georgia WIC Management Information System (MIS) Transfer and Implementation Project
Solicitation No. ES-RFP-40500-21
Archived 01/02/2019 view
North Carolina Crossroads M&E RFP
Solicitation No. 30-DPH-36820-18
Archived 12/18/2018 view
RFP for Operations and Maintenance of MN WIC Information System
Solicitation No. 2-8364
Archived 11/09/2018 view
North Dakota WIC EBT Implementation Processor
Solicitation No. 110.7-18-052
Archived 10/23/2018 view
Maryland WIC Program - Web Hosting and Maintenance System Support
Solicitation No. CATS+ TORFP # M00B9400122
Archived 09/12/2018 view
NATIONS WIC EBT Planning and Project Management
Solicitation No. WIEBT-SR-1
Archived 07/20/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Project Management Services
Solicitation No. MSP eWIC Project Management Services
Archived 07/03/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Vendor Management Services
Solicitation No. MSP eWIC Vendor Management Services
Archived 07/03/2018 view
Illinois WIC EBT Processor
Solicitation No. 22042386
Archived 06/08/2018 view
North Dakota WIC EBT Quality Assurance Contractor
Solicitation No. 301FHNRFP010
Archived 03/16/2018 view
eWIC Implementation IV & V Services - Hawaii WIC Services Branch
Solicitation No. HTH-560-WIC-17-02
Archived 02/22/2018 view
eWIC Implementation PM Services - Hawaii WIC
Solicitation No. HTH-560-WIC-17-03
Archived 02/22/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Quality Assurance Services RFP
Solicitation No. MS RFP 3994
Archived 02/13/2018 view
Alaska eWIC Implementation Project Manager
Solicitation No. 180000042
Archived 01/29/2018 view
Missouri RFP eWIC Implementation and Processing
Solicitation No. RFPT30034901801240
Archived 01/11/2018 view
Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal (RFP) e-WIC Service Provider
Solicitation No. 2017-006
Archived 12/18/2017 view
Alaska eWIC Implementation Project Manager
Solicitation No. 180000016
Archived 11/22/2017 view
Nevada Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and Cash Benefit System Project
Solicitation No. NV 3292
Archived 11/21/2017 view
Idaho WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer Initiative
Solicitation No. ITB18000170
Archived 11/15/2017 view
Missouri eWIC Implementation Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. RFPT30034901701227-06
Archived 09/26/2017 view
Illinois - WIC EBT - 102405
Solicitation No. ILWIC#22040998
Archived 09/22/2017 view
Rhode Island WIC Management Information System (MIS) Quality Assurance Project
Solicitation No. 7553518
Archived 09/08/2017 view
Rhode Island WIC Management Information System (MIS) Transfer and Implementation Project
Solicitation No. 7553502
Archived 09/06/2017 view
California - eWIC MIS RFP #31875
Solicitation No. RFP #31875
Archived 08/31/2017 view
Transfer and Implementation (T&I) Services Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Services Puerto Rico WIC Information Systems
Solicitation No. DS-2017-08D
Archived 08/14/2017 view
Re-Open: Mississippi EBT RFP - Public Assistance Benefits and Services
Solicitation No. MS RFP 3884
Archived 08/09/2017 view
IL WIC MIS Modernization RFP
Solicitation No. 22040728
Archived 07/27/2017 view
TN WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation RFP
Solicitation No. TN 34353-14617
Archived 05/01/2017 view
Minnesota WIC Electronic Benefit (EBT)/e-WIC Quality Assurance Project
Solicitation No. RFO 0153
Archived 01/09/2017 view
Tennssee Project Management Services RFP
Solicitation No. RFP # 34353-14917
Archived 01/06/2017 view
Tennessee WIC Quality Assurance
Solicitation No. 34353-14717
Archived 12/15/2016 view
MN WIC EBT(e-WIC) Project Manager
Solicitation No. RFO 0150
Archived 11/01/2016 view
Puerto Rico - Acquisition of WIC MIS and EBT Project Management Services (Revised)
Solicitation No. WIC-16-002
Archived 08/04/2016 view
Tennessee Solicitation for Joint WIC & SNAP EBT Services
Solicitation No. TN 34530-44616
Archived 07/05/2016 view
Virginia - Crossroads WIC Management Information Sys. (M&E) Services
Solicitation No. 707FF145
Archived 06/24/2016 view
Illinois WIC MIS Request for Information
Solicitation No. 22038664
Archived 06/10/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC Acquisition of Project Quality Assurance Services
Solicitation No. WIC-16-001
Archived 04/08/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC EBT Services
Solicitation No. DS 2016-15 D
Archived 04/01/2016 view
Puerto Rico WIC MIS Transfer and Implementation
Solicitation No. DS 2016-14 D
Archived 03/30/2016 view
WA WIC MIS Replacement
Solicitation No. N21336
Archived 11/20/2015 view
FNS Request For Information - EBT Services
Solicitation No. 2015-15336
Archived 10/24/2015 view
Pennsylvania WIC MIS Implementation Services
Solicitation No. 6100034439
Archived 09/10/2015 view
SD Acquisition of WIC EBT Program Specialist
Solicitation No. 15-0904004-003
Archived 05/01/2015 view
Maryland/US Virgin Islands eWIC Processor RFP
Solicitation No. MD/VI-EWIC-02182015
Archived 04/29/2015 view
Maintenance and Operation Services for Puerto Rico WIC MIS system
Solicitation No. DS-2015-16D
Archived 04/24/2015 view
Idaho RFP for WIC EBT Planning Services
Solicitation No. RFP15000421
Archived 04/20/2015 view
Arkansas WIC EBT Off-Line Module
Solicitation No. SP-14-0121
Archived 03/19/2015 view
SPIRIT RFI for Independent Verification and Validation Services
Solicitation No. SUG2015A
Archived 02/28/2015 view
MN WIC EBT Planning Project
Solicitation No. RFO 0025
Archived 01/30/2015 view
NATIONS WIC RFP for QA Contractor for WIC IS
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-QA2-2
Archived 01/05/2015 view
NATIONS’ WIC RFP for Transfer & Implementation Vendor
Solicitation No. SRST-WIC-NATIONS-2-1
Archived 12/05/2014 view
Colorado WIC - Quality Assurance Contractor for EBT Project
Solicitation No. FHLA2015000000000002
Archived 12/05/2014 view
Maryland/US Virgin Islands RFP for WIC EBT QA Services
Solicitation No. MD/VI-WIC-10162014
Archived 12/04/2014 view
Rhode Island WIC MIS Hosting and Maintenance
Solicitation No. 7549117
Archived 12/04/2014 view
Montana Solicitation for EBT Services for SNAP, TANF and WIC
Solicitation No. RFP15-2883P
Archived 11/14/2014 view
Delaware WIC EBT Implementation & Support Services Project
Solicitation No. HSS 14 040
Archived 11/05/2014 view
New Mexico ITO RFP for EBT Project Manager
Solicitation No. N/A
Archived 11/03/2014 view
ITCA (MSC) EBT Planning Contractor
Solicitation No. WIC 15-01
Archived 10/31/2014 view
Chickasaw Nation RFP for EBT Services
Solicitation No. CN0001
Archived 10/30/2014 view
WA WIC Cascades Project
Solicitation No. RFP N20686 Cascades Project
Archived 10/27/2014 view
NE WIC MIS/EBT QA Consultant
Solicitation No. 4743Z1
Archived 08/14/2014 view
Texas WIC WIN Evolution RFP
Solicitation No. 53700-15-0006
Archived 08/04/2014 view
State of Utah - WIC Product Management Office
Solicitation No. #NS14023
Archived 04/15/2014 view
Maryland WIC Program - Web System Support
Solicitation No. CATS+ TORFP # M00B4400295
Archived 03/16/2014 view
MIS and EBT Project Management - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe WIC Program
Solicitation No. SRSTWIC NATIONS 2
Archived 03/14/2014 view
Connecticut Women and Infant Children (WIC) Case Management System
Solicitation No. 13PSX0243
Archived 03/14/2014 view
Arkansas WIC EBT Project Implementation Contractor
Solicitation No. DH-13-0001
Archived 03/07/2014 view
Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Quality Assurance (QA) Consulting Services
Solicitation No. S-0264 DPH-14
Archived 02/14/2014 view
Colorado/Iowa WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer System
Solicitation No. SF-WIC141101-R
Archived 01/14/2014 view
Wisconsin Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Services
Solicitation No. S-150- DPH-14
Archived 12/03/2013 view
Wisconsin Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Services
Solicitation No. N/A
Archived 12/03/2013 view
Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal (RFP) for Consulting Services for WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Planning
Solicitation No. RFP 2013-007
Archived 08/14/2013 view
Montana SNAP, TANF (Cash), and WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer Services Project
Solicitation No. RFP13-2268P
Archived 04/11/2013 view
NJ WIC System - Web Based Electronic Data Processing System
Solicitation No. 13-X-22900
Archived 03/27/2013 view
SPIRIT Software Enhancement
Solicitation No. B2Z13011
Archived 02/20/2013 view
CPN WIC SPIRIT Transition Project
Solicitation No. N/A
Archived 12/04/2012 view
Solicitation No. N/A
Archived 09/05/2012 view
Oklahoma ITO EBT RFP—Planning Contractor
Solicitation No. WCDEBT-0001
Archived 07/02/2012 view
ND WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Planning Contract
Solicitation No. 3011102WICEBT
Archived 06/25/2012 view
SPIRIT Maintenance and Operations System
Solicitation No. WCD-12-RFP-0099
Archived 04/20/2012 view
MOWINS Level 2 Help Desk Support
Solicitation No. RFP-B2Z12017
Archived 03/15/2012 view