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DRAFT: GA WIC MIS Transfer & Implementation
Solicitation No.
40500- DPH0000183

Please note - This is a request for comments and suggestions only.  No bids will be considered at this time.

The Department of Public Health (DPH) has elected to post the GA WIC MIS Transfer and Implementation request for proposal (RFP) (draft only) to offer all interested Suppliers the option to preview and provide input on the upcoming solicitation. The documents are available for preview for the next seven (7) days. Please use the Comment/Suggestions Sheet to enter your information.  

This electronic RFP is being issued to solicit information from interested parties with respect to the procurement of GA WIC MIS Transfer and Implementation.  

The State of Georgia is planning to conduct a sourcing event to procure Integrated Security Products and Services for use by State entities. Prior to issuing a RFP, the State of Georgia is interested in getting feedback from the Suppliers in the Integrated Security industry to ensure it is reflective of industry best practices.

Your voluntary participation in this process will help the State examine various operational options, such as pricing alternatives, cost reduction opportunities, and contractual terms. Please note the information provided within the attached documents. The below documents will be added to the posting and an automated notice of this posting will be issued.

This is a request for comments and suggestions only.  No bids will be considered at this time.  Utilize the (comment/suggestions sheet) for your responses.  

Documents and further information can be obtained through the following link:

*    eRFP Draft MIS T&I
*    Background and Scope
*    Supplier Tasks, Experience & Requirements Approach
*    Cost Workbook
*    Draft Solicitation Comments Sheet

If you require technical assistance you may contact the helpdesk at (404) 657-6000.

Procurement Type
Full and Open Competition
Solicitation Type
Request for Information (RFI)
Release Date
Friday, August 28, 2020
Close Date
Friday, September 4, 2020
Point of Contact (POC)
Danika S. Fanner, GCPM
Agency Sourcing Manager
Georgia Department of Administrative Services