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Name of Solicitation Solicitation Status Close Date
NATIONS WIC EBT Planning and Project Management
Solicitation No. WIEBT-SR-1
Open 07/20/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Project Management Services
Solicitation No. MSP eWIC Project Management Services
Open 07/03/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Vendor Management Services
Solicitation No. MSP eWIC Vendor Management Services
Open 07/03/2018 view
Illinois WIC EBT Processor
Solicitation No. 22042386
Closed 06/08/2018 view
North Dakota WIC EBT Quality Assurance Contractor
Solicitation No. 301FHNRFP010
Closed 03/16/2018 view
eWIC Implementation IV & V Services - Hawaii WIC Services Branch
Solicitation No. HTH-560-WIC-17-02
Closed 02/22/2018 view
eWIC Implementation PM Services - Hawaii WIC
Solicitation No. HTH-560-WIC-17-03
Closed 02/22/2018 view
Mississippi eWIC Implementation Quality Assurance Services RFP
Solicitation No. MS RFP 3994
Closed 02/13/2018 view
Alaska eWIC Implementation Project Manager
Solicitation No. 180000042
Closed 01/29/2018 view
Missouri RFP eWIC Implementation and Processing
Solicitation No. RFPT30034901801240
Closed 01/11/2018 view
Alabama Department of Public Health Request for Proposal (RFP) e-WIC Service Provider
Solicitation No. 2017-006
Open 12/18/2017 view