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NJ WIC System - Web Based Electronic Data Processing System
Solicitation No.

New Jersey WIC is seeking bidder proposals to implement and customize an existing WIC system that has been implemented in at least one state within the United States. The following are the major tasks that must be performed by the contractor:

  1. Modification of a pre-existing system to accomplish the business requirements as specified in the RFP and its associated appendices.
  2. The creation of any interfacing components in the WIC system to meet the business requirements.
  3. Creation and maintenance of a mirrored offsite failover system.
  4. The system must accommodate offline operations for remote locations without online capabilities.
  5. The system must be a Functional Requirements Document (FReD)-compliant system.
  6. The conversion of all WIC data to the new system format and conversion updates as designated by the State.
  7. The design, development, implementation, and documentation of the system, project management and supporting services.
  8. The implementation of a centralized internet based test environment for use by State and local agency staff at their respective work locations.
  9. The test deployment on a Statewide scale, which will allow testing of all functionality via the internet from anywhere, within the State of New Jersey to ensure application is fully functional.
  10. Statewide deployment of system based upon approval from New Jersey WIC.

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Bid submission procedure:

Solicitation Type
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Release Date
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Close Date
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Point of Contact (POC)
Vincente Azarcon