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WIC - Product Management Office - Mountain Plains User Group (MPUG)
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Beginning in 2004, the Utah WIC Program, in collaboration with Wyoming and Colorado designed, built and implemented a State Agency Model (SAM) WIC Information System for use in each of our state WIC programs. The Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (FNS/USDA) created the SAM model to allow our WIC information system to be built and then be replicated many times to adopting state WIC agencies. A primary goal of the SAM concept is to reduce the tax dollars required to build WIC information systems across the country through state adoption of an existing SAM system. In 2014, the Mountain Plains User Group (MPUG) was initially created with Utah, Wyoming and Colorado after successful implementation of this WIC information system.

Shortly after the MPUG was created, the states of Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Iowa, Vermont and the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada joined the MPUG and worked toward adopting this SAM system. This SAM system currently serves more than 328,400 participants across the nine participating state agencies. Each of the nine participating state agencies do not have the human resources available to manage the work of the MPUG. The FNS/USDA encouraged Utah to facilitate / manage the contracts required of the MPUG. This included the ongoing maintenance and enhancements contract (M&E) as well as the Product Management Office (PMO).

The PMO works as the liaison between each of the MPUG participating state agencies and the M&E contractor. The primary responsibilities of the PMO are to set meetings, create meeting agendas, record decisions of meetings, facilitate phone calls, webinar and face-to-face meetings and act as the intermediary between the M&E contractor and all participating state agencies. All content captured from the meetings is posted to a SharePoint site that is available to each of the participating state agencies. The state of Utah is required to hire a PMO to facilitate all MPUG activities for the next five years after the current Maximus contract expires September 30, 2019. The Utah WIC Program will be required to overlap the current and upcoming PMO contractor should the new contractor be a different firm than the current contractor, Maximus, in order to transition all working knowledge, artifacts and information to the new PMO.

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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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